15 Feb

Metal Building for RV Storage

These days more people are retiring earlier, living longer and traveling more. And their preferred way to travel is in a beautiful, fully-equipped recreational vehicle, or RV. If you’ve been to any of the RV shows around the country, you...
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8 Feb

Easy to Construct Metal Building

If you’re in need of more space, but you don’t want to pay a contractor to build a new building for you, it’s time to consider an easy to construct metal building. Whether you need an extra garage to keep...
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1 Feb

Order a Metal Building Kit

Building a following when you’re in the restaurant business can be tough. These days, food trucks have become a popular way to get your food in the hands of people who become repeat customers. If you’ve ever found a food...
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25 Jan

Great Looking Metal Buildings

Chances are when you think about a metal building, you think about a plain looking auto body shop, or an old barn on a farm, or a row of single story buildings with flat roofs in a business park that...
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18 Jan

Affordable DIY Steel Buildings

If you’re in need of a big metal building for your boats, RVs, airplanes or helicopters, talk to the experienced design team at Universal Steal about our affordable DIY steel buildings. Constructing a steel building yourself, with one of our...
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11 Jan

DIY Metal Farm Building Kits

If you’ve ever driven through farm country, you’ve probably seen all the metal barns on the properties. Most of those farms would be lost without those big buildings to house their combines and other giant farm equipment. Whether they have...
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4 Jan

Save Money with a Prefab Metal Building Kit

Lots of people need extra space but can’t afford to have someone build them a new storage shed or garage. If you’re looking for extra storage for all the things that are overflowing from your closets, or you need a...
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21 Dec

Metal Building Design

When you’re driving down the main street in town, take a look at the buildings. Chances are many of them are made of steel, but you don’t realize it. You see, the steel building designers at Universal Steel can create...
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