19 Apr

High Quality Steel Building Kits

If you’ve been thinking about ordering a steel building and you’re looking to build it yourself, make sure you check out our Universal Steel high quality steel building kits. We know that there are a lot of companies that offer...
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5 Apr

Easy to Construct Steel Building Kits

If you’ve been looking for a steel building but you’re not sure you could handle building it, check out the easy to construct steel building kits available from Universal Steel. We have a team of designers who put together designs...
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29 Mar

The Demand for Steel Buildings

If you’ve wondered about the demand for steel buildings, here are some insights into why people are building with steel. First of all, steel buildings are cost effective. Most of the time a steel building will cost you much less...
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22 Mar

Educational Buildings Made of Steel

Building a school is something that generally takes approval from a school board, a city council or a church council, so it’s not something that happens overnight. Making decisions on the size of the building, the number of classrooms it...
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8 Mar

Sturdy Steel Building Kit

Whether you’re looking to put up a new metal barn, an extra steel garage, build a storage unit complex or construct a new church or school, you’ll be happy to know our sturdy steel building kit can do the job for...
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15 Feb

Metal Building for RV Storage

These days more people are retiring earlier, living longer and traveling more. And their preferred way to travel is in a beautiful, fully-equipped recreational vehicle, or RV. If you’ve been to any of the RV shows around the country, you...
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