15 Nov

Affordable DIY Steel Buildings

If you’re in need of a big metal building for your boats, RVs, airplanes or helicopters, talk to the experienced design team at Universal Steal about our affordable DIY steel buildings. Constructing a steel building yourself, with one of our exclusively designed metal building kits, is a great way to save money on a building that’s designed to your exact specifications.

If you need a bigger building than you currently have, but you can’t afford to build or rent a traditional building, our affordable DIY steel buildings are an option for you that can cost thousands of dollars less than building or even renting a traditional structure.
Building your own affordable metal structure may be just the solution you’ve been looking for to expand your business without breaking the bank.

Just think about all the money you’ll save if you have a steel building designed by our experienced metal building designers and built by you and your friends. Our design team can put together a building plan that will be easy to follow so that you can construct it without the need of a professional construction crew. And because steel buildings have less waste during the building process, you’ll end up saving there. Plus, steel is stronger and more fire resistant than wood, so you’ll end up paying less in insurance premiums in the long run, too.

Whether you need a steel building on your farm for heavy equipment or you need a metal aviation building or steel manufacturing plant, we can create a kit that will be easy to assemble with a crew of your own. Saving money on construction costs is another great reason to check out our affordable DIY steel buildings. Just give us a call at 800-993-4660 and let us show you how we can save you money and help you get the exact structure you want.

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