6 Jan

Build a Steel Frame House

You might be surprised to know how many buildings in your town have steel frames. Most people think of building a residence with 2 x 4s or timber frames, but you generally don’t think you can build a steel frame house. If you think about it, having a structure that’s built on a steel frame will obviously be a more solid structure. And there are many more advantages to a steel frame than most people might think about.

For example, if you want to build a steel frame house, you can call the experts at Universal Steel and have them put together a kit that you can use to construct the basis of your entire home. Steel is not only easy to work with, but because of the way it can be constructed, it can take much less time to put together than traditional wood frames. And just because a home is made with a metal frame doesn’t mean it can’t include other materials for finishings. You can have wooden floors, granite counter tops, plastered walls and just about any other indoor finish you can think of using.

When it comes to the outside of your new home, it can be brick or aluminum siding, stone or any combination you can think of designing. If you want over-sized windows and tall ceilings, we can include that in your design. If you like the look of skylights, we can add them for you too. Anything you can come up with, even odd shapes or wild angles, we can create a steel structure that will take your breath away.

So when you’re ready to build a steel frame house, call on the experts at Universal Steel to help you from beginning till end. Call Universal Steel at 770-449-6588 or toll free at 800-993-4660 to begin the process of building the home you’ve always wanted.


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