2 May

Build a Steel Shed

If you need extra storage space and your old wooden shed is falling down, it may be time for you to build a steel shed to replace your old one. When you use a product like steel to build with, you know you’re using a product that will stand the test of time. You can depend on steel for strength and durability. After all, steel is used in skyscrapers, so it’s certainly more than adequate to use for a storage shed. And when you talk to the experts at Universal Steel, they can create metal storage building kits for you.

If you think that steel is an expensive material to use to build a steel shed, you’ll probably be surprised at the cost. When you consider the fact that Universal Steel has a steel building design team that can create your design for you and you can gather your friends and build your shed in a weekend, that takes your cost factor way down. Just think of the savings on the design and construction alone, and you’ll find that metal sheds are pretty hard to beat.

Now let’s talk about the maintenance of a steel shed. Surprise! There virtually is none. When you compare the durability, the versatility, the ease of construction, and the minor maintenance you may need to do once in a while to the maintenance on the standard wooden shed or flimsy tin sheds you buy at a home and garden shop, there just is no comparison. If you put up a flimsy shed made of tin, it just takes one good wind to blow it down. Try blowing down a steel shed. It’s just about impossible.

So when you’re ready to build a steel shed, call the experts at Universal Steel to help you design it for you. They’ll ship your shed to you with detailed instructions so you will know exactly where every nut and bolt goes. And when you’re done, get ready to hand out the phone number for Universal Steel because all of your neighbors are going to want one of these sturdy sheds for their yards too. You can reach Universal Steel at 770-449-6588 here in Georgia, or toll free at 800-993-4660.

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