3 Jan

California’s Finest Steel Building Kits Come Out of Universal Steel

Do you need a viable solution for an equestrian building?

Are you trying to figure out the best ways to protect your investments during California’s wettest seasons?

Could you be looking for affordable ways to house your private plane or helicopter?

Believe it or not, all these questions — and more — can be answered with a simple phone call to Universal Steel of America and getting a quick overview of our steel building kits. We’ve a leading provider of these versatile solutions. Since 1995, we have used our expertise in architecture and design to give every project entrusted to us the finest returns in construction for warehousing, agriculture, education, fitness centers, hangars, garages and more.

Representing our clients’ purest interests is at the top of Universal Steel’s to-do list. We take their visions and strive to return a product and service that goes beyond expectations in every way. Our steel building kits have delivered custom designs on time and on budget for projects throughout California and as far away as Alaska and beyond. Our products come with factory assurances. Expect each component to be inspected and retested through a stringent manufacturing process to maximize operating efficiency. These kits can easily incorporate wood, stucco, glass or stone to ideally suit any vision. We don’t want just the best value for your money. We want your structures to be imaginative and safe.

Universal Steel invites you to browse the site and get an idea of the many options our steel building kits afford you. Once you’ve seen what our kits can do for your operations, give us a call to further discuss the advantages of our products. Regardless of your project’s scope, we’ll give you an affordable and visually appealing design in every way. So call (800) 993-4660 Universal Steel of America and get a FREE quote on steel building kits today.

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