1 Nov

Car Repair Shop Steel Building Kit

Building a successful auto repair business is something you can be proud of these days. Independent business owners know that being successful means you’ll probably need to make room in your budget for expansion. And that means you should consider a car repair shop steel building kit from Universal Steel. Building your own repair shop can not only be something to be proud of, but it can be a real money saver too.

If you are outgrowing your auto repair building and you need more space, but don’t want to pay the high price of having a contractor design and build a garage for you, building it yourself is the answer. Ordering a car repair shop steel building kit from Universal Steel might be just what you need. We can design a metal building kit that will save you more money than you can imagine.

A metal building kit can be designed to your specifications and shipped to you for assembly by you and your shop employees. We will work with you on the design of your metal building kit to be sure you have enough work areas with car lifts, storage for incomplete jobs, car washing bays, rest rooms for employees, and offices for your staff. Whatever you need to make your job easier, we will do our best to build it into your repair shop design.

You can choose the exterior design and colors, and let us know how many windows or skylights you need to give you the sunlight you might need for color matching paint. We have a team of expert designers who have worked with auto body shops and auto repair shops and are experienced in many design aspects that can help you be more efficient while doing your job. Feel free to consult with our team for help with your shop and office needs.

Whether you specialize in auto maintenance, auto body work, engine repairs or any other type of specialty, we can design a building that fits your needs and your budget. The money you will save by using a car repair shop steel building kit and constructing it yourself will leave you extra money to expand your business even more. So when you’re ready for a new building for your auto repair business, contact Universal Steel at 800-993-4660, or locally at 770-449-6588. We’ll create the auto body shop of your dreams for you.

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