13 Apr

Steel School Buildings

If you’re on the building committee to help your child’s school expand, you’ll want to recommend that the committee should take a look at steel school buildings by Universal Steel. No matter where you live in this great country, you...
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9 Mar

Uses for Steel Building Kits

If you’re wondering about the uses for steel building kits, you’ll probably be amazed at how many different types of businesses order them. You’re probably familiar with the many steel barns you see when you drive through farmland, so that’s...
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20 Jan

Steel Educational Buildings

Building a school is something that generally takes approval from a school board, a city council or a church council, so it’s not something that happens overnight. Making decisions on the size of the building, the number of classrooms it...
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30 Dec

Low Maintenance Steel Barns

Anyone who has lived on a farm knows the importance of their barns. They’re used for everything from storing equipment to housing chickens or cows or horses. When it comes to building a new barn, most farmers realize that low...
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30 Sep

Equestrian Steel Buildings

Whether you need a large steel pole barn, a metal barn to store farm equipment, or a metal covered riding arena, you can count on Universal Steel of America to design the perfect steel building kit for you. Equestrian steel...
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