11 Apr

Commercial Steel Buildings Bard NM

Growing in Bard with Steel Commercial Buildings

I was in the market for a warehouse. My meat packing business was expanding faster than anyone had expected. A second space would give me a place to keep wholesale materials and to manage my growing staff. I found a perfect location outside of Bard. But I didn’t have that large a budget and, according to my accountants, I needed to get up and running if I wanted to meet my year end financial forecasts and contractual obligations.

A friend suggested I call Universal Steel. She owned a pair of fitness centers in Quay County and gave me tours of her commercial buildings. Imagine how impressed I was when she told me these buildings were made of steel. Whenever I think of steel buildings, I picture cold Army bases and Area 51. But these buildings looked nothing like that. They were modern and 5-star attractive.

She said steel was the best solution for me. So I got the FREE quote from Universal Steel and it was surprisingly low compared to what I’d expected. After some conceptual ideas were tossed around, I had designs in my hand in days, when other contractors were talking about weeks. I was on-site watching my new warehouse go up a lot sooner than any other company could promise me. The speed of construction and results far exceeded all my expectations.

There’s a good chance I’ll be opening a third location next year. When I’m ready, the first phone call I make will be to Universal Steel of America.

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