24 Feb

Commercial Steel Buildings For North Dakota

Universal Steel Has the Commercial Steel Buildings North Dakota Needs

Commercial steel buildings are excellent construction solutions for North Dakota. The region is known for its hot summers and brutal winters, making the region subject to severe rain, heavy snow and strong humidity at various times of the year. That means whether it’s a warehouse or an office building, North Dakota needs construction that can withstand the harsh elements.

That’s why Universal Steel of America promotes commercial steel buildings with such vigor. We’re a leader in this field, providing an unparalleled level of design, engineering and service. As a single source vendor, we have simplified commercial steel building construction. This is due to the fact that our team consists of technicians that make it their business to know how to deal with difficult climate zones, that know the details of North Dakota building codes and permit requirements, and approach every project with a vision of personalization that promises to exceed customer expectations and meet any and all stringent building requirements set forth by North Dakota’s construction guidelines.

From North Dakota to Alaska, Universal Steel has been involved in a broad array of commercial steel building projects that have left customers satisfied and productive. We have been there for both major corporations and the entrepreneur. Give us a call (800) 993-4660 for a FREE consultation and estimate on how our design-build technology can benefit your business plans. Whether your needs are in for aviation, storage or anything in between, whether you want something traditional or sleek and modern, it’s all possible with commercial steel buildings.

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