7 Mar

Custom Steel Prefab Buildings

Some people need an extra storage shed for their backyard. Some people need a metal equestrian building for their riding stable. Some congregations need more worship space or an addition to their school. All of those can be designed by our experienced metal building design staff. Or you can even choose a design from the hundreds we’ve already done for other customers. But when it comes to custom steel prefab buildings or commercial steel building kits for people with a unique need, Universal Steel is the company to call.

The steel building design team here at Universal Steel is experienced in designing all types of custom steel prefab buildings. Whether you need a new hanger for your airplane or a metal building that sits on the waterfront, we can put together a kit that will give you exactly what you need. Maybe you have a plot of land that is oddly shaped and only a custom design would be able to fit that land. That’s no problem for our experienced steel building design team. You just tell us what you need and when you need it and we’ll work with you to put together a custom steel building that will more than meet your expectations.

When it comes to designing metal buildings, we have years of experience. Whether it’s a small building, a storage warehouse, a giant sports stadium. a metal framed home or an office building, we can customize your building to fit your exact needs. And you can choose all the colors, the window designs, and decide whether you want skylights or extra windows or you need to add space to store your travel trailer or RV, we can create the perfect plan for all your needs.

Give us a call at Universal Steel at 770-449-6588 here in Georgia or 800-993-4660 from anywhere in the country, and let us help you design your custom steel prefab buildings. We’re the best at what we do and we’ll be happy to create the exact building you need.

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