23 Dec

Durable Steel Building

When you’re looking for a durable steel building, look to Universal Steel for exceptional building plans and top quality metal buildings. Whether you need an extra storage shed for tools and lawn equipment or you need a huge building for your business, think of Universal Steel for the best, most affordable metal buildings you can find.

Building your own metal building for any purpose you might need is a great way to save money. The design team at Universal Steel can put together a durable steel building kit that you can design to your exact specifications. Whether you need an extra garage for storage on your property, an airline hangar, an equestrian riding facility or a school or church, we can design the exact building you need.

Choosing the options for your metal building can be fun and exciting. You can choose the type of windows you want, the specific doors, roof vents and everything in between. Whether you need a one story building, a two story building or a garage with a three story roof, our experienced design team can put together a steel building kit with directions that will be easy to follow and perfect down to the last bolt.

Universal Steel uses only the finest materials when assembling your metal building kit. If you need built-in shelving, more than one stairway, office spaces or just one big empty building, we can design a durable steel building that fits your exact needs. If you’re looking for a building that will withstand all kinds of weather, all kinds of abuse, and all kinds of use, look to Universal Steel for the perfect building for you. Give us a call at 770-449-6588 or toll free at 800-993-4660 and talk with our experienced design team. They can give you ideas on how to put together the building that fits your needs.


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