20 Dec

Easy to Construct Metal Building

If you’re in need of more space, but you don’t want to pay a contractor to build a new building for you, it’s time to consider an easy to construct metal building. Whether you need an extra garage to keep your cars out of the weather or a metal warehouse building with living quarters, we can design a custom kit for you to put together yourself. We can create a steel prefab warehouse that will fit exactly to your specification right on your own lot. Whether you’re in town or on the outskirts, we’ll make sure the metal building kit we put together for you is in compliance with all the necessary building codes in your area.

If you want a structure with a very modern look, we can use a steel frame with brick, wood or even stucco on the outside. Structural steel building kits can include any number of accessories that allow you to customize your building to your own taste. At the same time, it’s much easier to stay within budget when you can choose the features you need and eliminate the ones you don’t need. And size is another factor you can customize in your easy to construct metal building. If you have an odd sized lot, or a lot that’s very long but very narrow, we can design your building to your exact measurements.

If you’re looking for a storage building to house your RV for the winter, we can put a roll-up door in the plans and translucent light panels so you have some light inside but people can’t see what you’re storing inside. If you’re looking for an easy to construct metal building to use for extra storage, we can include closets and drawers and shelves, depending on what you need to make space for. You can count on Universal Steel of America to provide you with the easy to erect steel building that will solve your extra space problems. Call us at 800-933-4660 and we’ll be happy to discuss the steel building you need with you.

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