28 Feb

Easy to Construct Steel Building Kits

If you’ve been looking for a steel building but you’re not sure you could handle building it, check out the easy to construct steel building kits available from Universal Steel. We have a team of designers who put together designs for metal building kits from start to finish. Every piece of steel is numbered, every nail is counted, every window and shingle and roof vent is put into the plan in a way that’s so easy to follow, just about anyone could construct our kits.

The pre engineering process for our metal buildings has been designed so that you basically take peg A and put it into hole A and peg B into hole B and so on and so on. Whether you’re putting together a storage shed at your home or an auto body shop at a commercial location, you’ll find our easy to construct steel building kits are like giant building block sets you had when you were a kid. Many people tell us they’ve never had so much fun building something they can be proud to say they accomplished.

Because we can customize your steel buildings to your specifications, you can get the exact build you’re looking for, on time and on budget. If you see a design we have that will work for you, that’s great. You can place your order and we’ll ship you everything you need to put it up. But if you see something that’s almost what you want but you need custom windows or taller ceilings or extra tall doors, we can incorporate that into the plan and give you the exact style of customized steel building kit you want.

So give us a call at Universal Steel at 800-993-4660 and let us design one of our easy to construct steel building kits for you. Once you’ve given your specifications to our steel building design team, you’ll see what a great job they can do putting together a kit that will make you proud to say it’s yours.

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