10 Jan

Environmentally Friendly Steel Building Florida

Environmentally Friendly Steel Buildings

Sustainability has become a factor in many construction projects. From transportation processes to materials used, from environment-friendly technology to building architecture, an eco-friendly design is being plotted alongside budgetary concerns.

This is where Universal Steel of America ‘s expertise comes into the picture. When engineered by our professionals, steel buildings can claim sustainability at every phase of evolution.

To start, do you know how many trees are needed to construct a 2,000 square foot home? Somewhere in the vicinity of an acre. But when you utilize steel instead, that same project is going to require about a half dozen cars’ ground into scrap metal.

Speaking of recycled metal, did you know a large portion of steel companies produce no carbon dioxide emissions? This is the result of tech that’s made them more energy sufficient. On top of that, nearly all water used generating steel is recycled. Factor in that professionally installed steel buildings can be completed in less time using fewer laborers and less machinery, and you have a significant reduction in energy consumption.

For energy efficiency, steel buildings cannot be beat. Granular-coated and pre-painted steel roofing can act as a solar reflector, re-emitting most absorbed solar heat. Under these conditions, there is a saving of up to 40 percent on cooling and heating costs.

Thanks to promising steps like these, steel buildings have become green certified by agencies like the National Green Building Program and the US Green Building Council. Universal Steel of America strives to ensure all its residential and commercial steel buildings meet the requirements of these leading agencies. And we do this with affordable, practical and beautifying steel buildings that promise to be more sustainable than other materials.

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