12 Jan

Environmentally Friendly Steel Building New York

New York & Environmentally Friendly Steel Building

Managing our impact on the environment has become more than a topic of discussion. In the world of business, finding efficient ways to get complex projects done while minimizing the short and long term impact on our surroundings has become as common as considering the budget for these projects.

New York continues to be at the forefront of eco-friendly design. From recycling to appropriate waste disposal, there is the deliberate design of projects that both build and protect the communities. It’s why environmentally friendly steel buildings are growing in popularity.

To start, the steel used in these projects are engineered from recycled scrap metal. In fact, a half dozen cars’ worth of scrapped metal saves an acre or more of trees. Also, the production of steel buildings not only saves money, it minimizes resources. Traditional construction projects that require brick, stucco and other materials are going to take longer and more man hours than a steel build. In that regard, a steel building project is going to save on energy consumption, especially since even the largest structure can be built in significantly less time.

Universal Steel of America is proud of its track record in environmentally friendly steel building. From New York to Alaska, our technicians strive to match the regions with sound structure solutions that align with the surroundings’ green needs. That means understanding the climates, the open spaces and how expansion will affect the water, trees, animals and future. And Universal Steel still manages to do it faster than the competition, getting back to every client with designs, budgets, delivery and completion dates in surprising manners.

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