21 Jan

Erect steel garages that protect your valuable investments

Universal Steel of America (USA) manufactures affordable  including temporary metal storage units, and long-term permanent steel garages.

Whether you need a steel garages or custom steel shop building, our prefabricated metal buildings are attractive, functional and very easy to erect. Universal Steel of America (USA) can accommodate your specific requests and customize our steel building kits to meet your particular needs.

An example of this is the steel shop building we designed for one of our customers down in Naples, FL. He wanted us to design a prefab steel building that would accommodate a shop, welding area, and a wood working area, plus house a military type vehicle.

This steel garage building and shop combination was going to be located on the property behind his house. He was very clear that he didn’t want the prefab steel building to be too big nor did he want it to be visible from the street.

Our engineering team got to work and they came up with a 50’ X 75’ X 15’ steel shop building with a Galvalume 1:12 pitch roof. This was the perfect size to nestle on the property without it standing out too much.

Universal Steel of America has years of experience designing steel garages for hurricane prone areas such as Naples, FL. Our expert team put this steel garage building and shop together sparing no expense to quality, but meeting all the necessary building codes for Florida.

Once our client approved the size of the building, USA designed the steel shop building doors to fit the needs of our customer. We gave him a 12’ X 12’ commercial roll-up (so he could get his military vehicle in and out easily). We uniquely placed (2) 10’ X 10’ commercial roll-ups on opposite ends of the steel shop building. This enabled him to have a forklift hauling iron in/out for his welding, while allowing wood to be hauled in/out on the other side for the wood working projects, without compromise.

We added 6 skylights for as much natural light as possible, plus a louver and (2) 20” round vents. This custom steel garage building had a lot of special touches and our customer was very impressed with the outcome and even more impressed with the affordable price!

Steel Garages That Withstand 155 mph Winds
Universal Steel of America knows how important the wind load is in Florida and this was proven when this building easily withstood winds up to 155MPH. Needless to say, our client called us, over joyed that his prefab steel garage building and shop was not only still standing, but didn’t have any damage either.

You just can’t go wrong with pre-engineered steel buildings no matter what they may be used for! Our customer in Naples, FL just sold his house and that terrific steel garage building and shop that Universal Steel of America custom created for him. We were pleased to learn that his property value went up due in part to the design of our building. As a matter of fact our customer has decided to have USA design another steel shop building for him on his new property.

Call or email us for a quote for steel garages.
For more information about pre-engineered, affordable steel garage kits or Custom Steel Shop Buildings, please contact our prefab building specialists.

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