7 May

Erecting custom metal buildings are trending in the new home craze.

Manufacturing and distribution has been perfected over time. Today’s steel industry invests a large portion of its resources in steel industrial buildings. In fact, metal and steel construction are rising in popularity quickly today. Thanks to its versatility and options for customization, building design is a process we have down to a science. Universal Steel of America prides itself on upholding our reputation as the leading manufacturer or residential and commercial building kits in America. As our reputation precedes us, our base of satisfied customers continues to grow. Whether you want to erect storage or shelter, our team of professional engineers are standing by to develop your dream and produce plans to satisfy your specifications.

With the inception of custom metal buildings, the sky really is the limit in terms of designing unique structures. Even if you have oddly shaped property, the experts at Universal Steel will apply all measurements and dimensions to ensure a building design that fits the first time you erect it. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, it’s very likely you and some capable hands can erect your new custom steel structure in a day. Depending on the access you have to your land, it’s possible to even construct prefab metal building kits in just hours. Of course we’ll walk you through finding an installer if needed. Many of our customers save money on installation by doing the work themselves.

Erecting custom metal buildings is affordable, efficient and saves a ton of time spent on traditional construction. Whether you need steel industrial buildings, or just personal storage units, Universal Steel of America is sure to provide a workable solution. All we need from you is your specifications and budget. We’ll consult with you to get the details covered, and then your vision begins the process of becoming reality. Building design is handled swiftly with state of the art software and technology. You’ll have your structure erected in a matter of weeks instead of months. Call the experts today and get started on your project right away.

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