8 Nov

Great Looking Metal Buildings

Chances are when you think about a metal building, you think about a plain looking auto body shop, or an old barn on a farm, or a row of single story buildings with flat roofs in a business park that all look the same. Great looking metal buildings are not what you generally expect to see. However, if you check out the metal building designs offered by Universal Steel, you’ll find that we can design a metal building with a look you’ll actually love.

Great looking metal buildings designed by our team can be constructed for any use you want. We can design an ultra modern restaurant or bar for you. We can design a conservative looking bank building or a grade school or even a church with a steeple. Chances are you would never think of these structures made of metal, but you’d probably be surprised to learn that you probably drive by steel buildings every day and didn’t know they were made of steel. Rather than looking bland and gray, our metal building designs can include all types of materials, including stone, wood, stucco or brick. They can have windows and doors and skylights and all types of dramatic shapes and styles.

If you’re in need of a new building for your business, imagine the money you could save if it came in a kit you designed and you actually built it yourself. If that sounds scary, you need to know that thousands of people have ordered steel building kits over the years. And because the Universal Steel design team puts together easy to follow instructions from the first bolt until the last, you will be able to put together all kinds of great looking metal buildings with ease. Whenever you’re ready, call Universal Steel at 800-993-4660 and we’ll connect you with our great metal building design team. They’ll create the perfect steel building for your needs.

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