20 Sep

Great Looking Steel Buildings

What do you think of when you hear the words steel building? Do you think of a tin structure that looks like your Grandfather’s barn on the farm? Do you picture an old farm shed that’s rusting and filled with farm equipment from the last century? Most people don’t think of steel buildings when they think of beautiful homes or luxurious office building when they think about building with steel. But you’d probably be surprised at how many great looking steel buildings we’ve designed here at Universal Steel.

You’ve probably driven by a bank, a restaurant, a church or a school in town that began with a steel frame but is one of the great looking steel buildings in town. If you’ve like a lot of people, you may not realize that even though some buildings have steel framing, they can still have brick or stucco or stone or wood on the outside to make them look like any other building in town. The team at Universal Steel has designed metal building kits with lots of beautiful windows, nice looking doors, and even skylights. The versatility of steel structures has changed dramatically over the years, and Universal Steel is a leader in the industry that can help you design a building that will be sturdy as well as beautiful.

Anyone who needs a building for just about any use can have our experienced staff design a beautiful, functional building for them. We can give you a quote on prefabricated metal buildings with metal roofing systems and all include the same type of extras you can get when you construct a building made of conventional materials. We can design industrial metal buildings, educational steel buildings, agricultural metal buildings, and steel religious buildings for you. And none of those buildings needs to look cold or ugly. We can build aesthetically pleasing steel buildings for you in any size and shape you want. So when you need any type of building designed, call the experts at Universal Steel at 800-993-4660 and we’ll put you in touch with our exceptional team of designers. They can help you design one of our great looking steel buildings that will fit your exact needs.

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