28 May

Large metal buildings for Florida

Universal Steel has Large Metal Buildings for Florida

When you’re looking to build, you want a streamlined process with strategic project design. Of course, the larger you grow in Florida, the greater the chance someone’s going to miss the mark. That’s why Universal Steel of America works with the best contractors, engineers, architects and craftsmen in their respective fields. We then recommend you go with metal for your large building. This ensures that from beginning to end you have a smooth construction process.

As we know you want to get up and running sooner than later, Universal Steel has developed a process that gets you high end plans in days, not weeks, and construction that takes places in weeks, not months. Every phase of your project will be set with detailed drawings for foundations, structural integrity, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, elevation, site planning and any needed egress plans or environmental considerations.

As a single source vendor, Universal Steel is in the business of total project management. That means development of all design stages.

  • Strategic planning
  • Building selection
  • Space planning
  • Green processes
  • Budget and schedule monitoring
  • Adherence to Florida’s codes and standards

Large metal buildings are ready to accommodate office buildings, retail spaces, recreational facilities, schools, storage and self-storage, warehouses and manufacturing plants. The flexibility behind metal building design also makes them perfect for hybrid buildings, maximizing sustainability and functionality.

Whether you’re looking to store a classic car collection or valuable inventory, or need an assembly plant or mall, take advantage of the latest in construction tech by partnering with Universal Steel and utilizing large metal buildings. Give us a call at 800-993-4660 and see what Universal Steel of America brings to Florida. It’s a FREE consultation and quote, and you’ll walk away with all information and pricing you need for large metal buildings.