27 Jun

Large metal buildings for Georgia

Universal Steel & Large Metal Buildings Meet Georgia Needs

When you need a large metal building in Georgia, you need Universal Steel of America.

The simplified process of large metal buildings has been growing in popularity with engineers, contractors, homeowners and builders for some time. Universal Steel has applied them successfully to facilitate churches, schools, warehouses, auto dealerships, office buildings, processing plants, carports, garages and more. And regardless of use, large buildings have to meet the highest standards of safety and eco-friendly applications. Owners of these structures will be responsible for the welfare for any living thing that goes into the building. They will want to protect valuable possessions from the elements. That’s why our large metal buildings are constructed under stringent monitoring.

We like to think of ourselves as a cooperative partner. From planning and design to shipping and right up to the finished product, we strive to be an active counselor. You will see why a large metal building is going to be significantly less expensive and labor intensive than wood framing. You are going to know what Georgia governing bodies require to build. We will walk you through our own rigorous testing procedures that show why, when the minimal dust clears, you will be looking at a worry free large metal building that will protect possessions and occupants.

Universal Steel of America can give you a FREE quote. Give us a call (800) 993-4660. Our construction management professionals can walk you through the entire process of the many ways large metal buildings are the best ways to grow in Georgia.

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