30 Dec

Low Maintenance Steel Barns

Anyone who has lived on a farm knows the importance of their barns. They’re used for everything from storing equipment to housing chickens or cows or horses. When it comes to building a new barn, most farmers realize that low maintenance steel barns are generally the best for their needs. Durability is very important, and steel agricultural buildings are designed to withstand all types of weather all year round.

When you order a steel barn kit from Universal Steel, you’ll find that they are cost effective alternatives to high maintenance wooden structures. In addition to the fact that low maintenance steel barns are easier to assemble, they’re also much more fire resistant than a wooden barn or a brick barn. Because of the height of many large farming machines, some steel barns need to be exceptionally tall. That’s not a problem for the designers at Universal Steel. We have experience in designing all types of steel barns, whether they’re for extra storage of household goods, housing animals, or storing combines or other farm equipment when it’s not in use.

If you’re in need of a barn for your horses or a riding arena, you’ll definitely want to call the Universal Steel design team. Our experience in designing covered riding arenas or special barns for equestrian or livestock events is second to none. When you give us your specifications, we’ll put together a building kit that will be easy to assemble and exactly what you asked for. If you prefer to have our excellent design team put together plans for you, we can show you examples of steel equestrian buildings we’ve done in the past and give you ideas on how to get the exact metal building that will fit your needs.

So when yo’ure ready to order your next low maintenance steel barns, call Universal Steel at 770-449-6588 or toll free at 800-993-4660. We’ll create the perfect steel building for you.


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