28 May

Metal Building Cost in Florida

Metal Building Cost in Florida

Metal building costs in Florida shouldn’t intimidate anyone looking to grow.

Consider the square footage where you plan to locate. This is going to be the most influential component of the cost as it affects everything from how much material is needed to length of time required for the construction and how many people you’ll need on site. Location also plays its part. Putting up a metal building in Orlando could cost more than putting one up in Lakeland or Casselberry. A warehouse on an incline could have a higher budget than one on flat land.

If you’re lucky enough to have an existing foundation, you’re already saving money. If not, add on the cost of pouring one. You’ll need a flooring plan, materials and labor for this. You could save money doing it yourself, but unless you’re absolutely sure about what this entails, we advise you go with professionals. Safety has to be your priority here as the foundation is the base of the entire structure.

You also need to consider the type of metal building you’re going to need and the features you’d like to incorporate. There are stud and post frame, straight wall, Quonset and preengineered metal buildings. Each can be detailed to exacting specifications, which can affect the costs. Doors, windows, roofing, finishes, interior walls, trims, etc. can all impact final prices. Don’t forget filing and costs of permits and inspections throughout the process.

Fortunately, when you partner with Universal Steel of America you will not have to worry about the overall costs. We know everything you need to about building in Florida and, once we have your vision in hand, can produce a FREE quote that covers all the components with no surprises later. Give us a call (800-993-4660) to get more details about the cost of metal buildings in Florida.