27 Jun

Metal Building Cost in Georgia

Your Metal Building Cost in Georgia

For metal building costs in Georgia, you need to consider several factors.

The most important is the square footage. This impacts the entire project. Now, square footage can be affected by a number of factors too. You may have 20,000 square feet, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need an 19,000 square foot structure. Practicality plays a large role in these decisions.

For instance, how you utilize that square footage should be determined by what you need it for. Warehouse, gym, house, church, office building, any of these designs will impact size and style. Your design might require space for loading and unloading inventory, or a parking area for employees and customers. You might want to consider beautifying the area with a lawn or garden. These considerations can not only affect the square footage but the metal building’s shape. e.g., A garage project will not need the specifications of a school, and neither needs the design that a warehouse holding perishables will require.

Other factors that can affect costs are Georgia building permits, site development requirements and land costs. Do you want driveways, clearings, patios or decks? A basement, crawlspace, porch, carport, garage and any excavation needs will affect calculations. So will materials, appliances, finishes and equipment needed to complete the job.

Before making any plans about metal buildings in Georgia, pull on the ear at Universal Steel of America. One quick call at (800) 993-4660 gets you a FREE quote and all the details on costs and production you’re going to need.

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