18 Oct

Metal Building Design

When you’re driving down the main street in town, take a look at the buildings. Chances are many of them are made of steel, but you don’t realize it. You see, the steel building designers at Universal Steel can create office buildings, doctor’s offices, retail shops and just about any other type of building with steel framing that is much more sturdy than other building materials might be. You probably drive by all kinds of building put together with metal building design than you realize.

If you live in the Midwest, you probably think one of the only uses for a steel building is for a barn on a farm. If you’re an equestrian, you may think only horse barns are made of steel. What you may not know is that we have steel building designers who can create a metal building design for all types of purposes. For example, if you’re on the committee at your church or your child’s school and they’re looking to have an addition or a new building built, you can call our team of designers at Universal Steel and let us create a design that fits your needs exactly. If you own a restaurant and you’d like to add an outdoor patio or an addition to your kitchen, we can show you designs that we’ve used for other restaurant owners that you can use to help our steel building design team create a building that fits your needs exactly.

So if you’re looking to build a structure that will withstand all types of weather and last for many years to come, consider talking to the designers at Universal Steel about a metal building design to fit your needs. You can reach us at 770-449-6588 here in Lawrenceville, Georgia, or toll free from anywhere in the country at 800-993-4660. We’ll be happy to show you buildings we’ve designed and give you ideas for the building you need.

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