8 Jul

Metal Building Kits

Building a following when you’re in the restaurant business can be tough. These days, food trucks have become a popular way to get your food in the hands of people who become repeat customers. If you’ve ever found a food truck that has great food, you know that wherever that truck goes, you’ll follow it. And food truck owners know this. So they put you on their list and send you a text whenever they move their location. Once they find a location that’s bringing them the most customers, these smart business owners open a second location – using metal building kits from Universal Steel.

Why wouldn’t you put down roots when you find a good location for a restaurant? If you have customers standing in line in front of your food truck, it stands to reason that they’d fill up a restaurant you’d build at that same location. And the key to getting that restaurant up and running fast is to let our design team put together one of our metal building kits that’s designed to your specifications.

Because our steel building design team is so good at what we do, we can put together a great metal restaurant building design that will coordinate with the food you serve. If you have a Mexican food truck, we can incorporate the colors of Mexico into the design of your restaurant building. We can include glass doors and louvered windows to give it just the look you want. If you serve Italian pasta or Greek gyros, we can design a metal building that will reflect the exact feel you want people to get when they walk in the door.

Once we put all your design specifications together and make sure that the building is following all the city zoning and coding laws, your metal building kits can be shipped to your location to be assembled. But the first step begins with giving us a call and letting us know exactly what you want. Our experienced team will put your ideas into a design and let you know exactly what you need to get your new restaurant up and running in your prime location as fast as possible. Give us a call and let us show you how easy it can be to get the restaurant building of your dreams. Call us toll free at 800-993-4660 or at 770-449-6588 locally, if you’re here in Lawrenceville, Georgia. We look forward to helping you expand your business with a permanent location so you can take your food truck out and find the next location for your expansion. The team at Universal Steel is here to help you with all your building needs.


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