21 Mar

Metal Buildings for Oddly Shaped Lots

If you have a home on a corner lot that’s pie shaped, or you have a lot between houses that long and skinny, you can still have a metal storage shed or warehouse built in that space. As long as you follow all of the building rules and regulations set forth by your town or county and make sure you follow all of the city codes, you can have Universal Steel create designs for metal buildings for oddly shaped lots. Then we’ll send you steel building kits so you can save money by building them yourself.

There’s never a problem putting together a building kit for metal buildings for oddly shaped lots when you talk to the designers at Universal Steel. You see, our design team is made up of experts who can create a steel building that will fit your needs exactly. If you need a simple floor plan that includes storage areas and closets, that’s just fine. If you need a storage building for your snowmobiles or 4-wheel drive vehicles and it needs to have running water or a washing bay for them, we can do that too.

If you have a pie-shaped or triangle-shaped lot and you’re looking to have an office space and a reception area for customers, no problem. Just let the Universal Steel design team know what you need and we’ll put together a steel building kit that you can use to do all the building yourself. And if you already have a steel building on a lot and you need more space, we can fit a metal building plan into any area you have left over on your lot.

Imagine the savings you’ll have when you create metal buildings for oddly shaped lots and build them yourself with your friends. If you have an unusually small space or a space that’s really oddly shaped, give the team at Universal Steel a call at 800-933-4660 or locally at 770-449-6588 and we’ll show you what can be done to give you the storage you need in the space you have available.

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