23 Apr

Erect metal buildings for manufacturing to preserve your materials.

The experts at Universal Steel quote affordable metal buildings for manufacturing. Our structures can be used for everything from metal buildings for manufacturing to steel or metal building kits, and everything in between. If you can dream it, we can design and manufacture it. Whether you require a steel carport unit or a custom steel auto repair shops, our pre-assembled metal structures are functional, form-fitting and simple to erect.

Even if you just have questions, call us toll-free at 800-993-4660 for education and information on how our metal buildings for manufacturing program works. We’re happy to inform potential clients about how erecting steel building kits saves a ton of time and money. Metal or steel buildings are an effective, affordable way to preserve your manufacturing materials and provide a safe environment where your employees can work. We have plenty of articles and case studies available to prove steel and metal buildings from Universal Steel are constructed to last.

One of many illustrations of our sturdy steel and metal construction is the steel shop building we intended for one of our clients down in Naples, FL. He needed us to plan a prefab steel building kit that would oblige metal buildings for manufacturing in addition to housing a military vehicle.

This steel carport building and shop mix would be situated on the property behind his home. He was clear that he didn’t need the prefab steel building to be too enormous nor did he need it to be visible from the road. Our designing group got to work and they thought of a 50′ X 75′ X 15′ steel shop building with a Galvalume 1:12 pitch rooftop. This was the ideal size to settle on the property without it emerging excessively.

We issued him a 12′ X 12′ business move up (so he could get his military vehicle in and out effectively). We extraordinarily set (2) 10′ X 10′ business roll-ups on inverse closures of the steel shop building. This empowered him to have a forklift pulling iron in/out for his welding, while permitting wood to be pulled in/out on the other side for the carpentry ventures, without bargain.

We included 6 bay windows for however much common light as could reasonably be expected, in addition to a louver and (2) 20″ round vents. This custom steel carport building had a great deal of extraordinary touches and our client was exceptionally awed with the result and significantly more inspired with the reasonable cost!

All inclusive Steel of America knows how critical the wind burden is in Florida and this was demonstrated when this building effectively withstood winds up to 155MPH. Evidently, our customer called us, over joyed that his prefab steel carport building and shop was all the while remaining, as well as didn’t have any harm either.

You just can’t turn out badly with preengineered steel structures regardless of what they may be utilized for!

Our client in Naples, FL simply sold his home and that awesome steel carport building and shop that Universal Steel of America uniquely made for him.

We were satisfied to discover that his property estimation went up due partially to the outline of our building. Now that it’s out in the open our client has chosen to have USA outline another steel shop building for him on his new property.

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