5 Aug

Metal Churches and Schools

It’s not unusual for a church to need a new building to expand their congregation. The same is true with schools. The more new people there are moving into the neighborhood, the more classrooms they need. One of the best ways to expand efficiently and quickly is to construct metal churches and schools. Steel churches, metal gymnasiums, steel youth centers and metal fellowship halls are not only affordable, but they offer outstanding structural integrity and a quick timeline for completion.

As a leader in the steel building industry, we’re experts when it comes to designing steel school classrooms, church kitchens, meeting rooms, conference rooms and administrative offices. If your church offers a room for wedding receptions or funeral luncheons, we can include those in your plans too. And when you have Universal Steel of America design your prefab metal churches and schools, you can be sure our prefab metal buildings are all steel and all American. Because of our extensive work with congregations of all faiths as well as public and private schools, we have designed everything from the smallest of sanctuaries to some of the largest school buildings in the country. Whatever the needs of your congregation, your daycare facility, or your university campus, you can be sure our design and our quality will go above and beyond your expectations.

When you work with Universal Steel of America and our steel building consultants, we’ll make sure your building will meet all your local building codes. Our expertise in school gymnasiums, choir and music rooms and rooms for social gatherings is second to none. Our years of experience working with church and school leaders has led us to know the extra touches most people want, including the types of windows and doors and entryways to accommodate large crowds. When it’s time to look at budgeting for new metal churches and schools, contact Universal Steel of America at 800-993-4660 or 770-449-6588. We’ll help design the perfect building for your needs.


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