23 May

Metal Farm Building Kit

If you’ve ever driven through the country and passed a farm, you know that today’s farms are not like the ones from years ago. A simple farmhouse with a wooden barn is no longer what is needed. With all the advancements in farming and the gigantic equipment that’s needed to farm the land, simple wooden barns just don’t cut it any more. What farmers need these days is a metal farm building kit so they can construct huge garages for farm equipment storage.

You know how big a combine is. The tires on one of those giant pieces of farm equipment can be bigger than a lot of people. Can you imagine trying to drive one of those into your old wooden barn? It’s not going to happen. Or what about trying to fit a baler or a frontloader into your 2 car garage to keep them safe from the weather? That’s not happening either. What you need is a metal farm building kit so you can construct a building big enough for all your farm equipment storage.

If you’ve lived on a farm all your life, you know how expensive it can be to hire a company to come out and build a metal barn for you. And depending on the price you get for crops this year, then deducting all the expenses you’ve had, having a company build a new barn for you may just break your budget. The better way to get a new building to store all your big farm equipment is to talk to the experts at Universal Steel and have our crew design a steel building kit that you can put together with all your farmhands. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to construct a metal farm building kit that’s been designed by our Universal Steel metal building design team. Give us a call today at 800-993-4660 and let our team of experts design the perfect steel buildings for your needs.

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