25 Aug

Metal farm buildings protect your investment

Protect valuable livestock and equipment in metal farm buildings by Universal Steel. We provide structurally sound metal farm buildings that are capable of withstanding the toughest weather elements. Secondary components in popular shapes are manufactured to suit your need. Each component is engineered for delivery. Standard shapes from 65,000 to 85,000 pounds in material ensure the highest quality finished product. Competitors’ products are formed from 35,000 to 50,000 pound yield material. We guarantee the highest standard when developing metal farm buildings.

USA standard base condition is Form Base Fixture, which is the superior standard for base condition in the steel construction industry. Applying the highest standard to your metal farm buildings ensures fortified structures that last. Form Base Fixture base condition should not be optional when you construct your metal farm buildings.

Commercial high rib panels are 36” wide on walls and roof with lengths up to 39’. Panels are overlapped with a major rib at the sides. Mastic sealant is provided on all sides to secure metal farm buildings from leaks and small obstructions. Architectural commercial wall panels provide 36” wide on walls. Panel design is accomplished with semi-concealed fasteners, providing a shadow line appearance.

Fortify your metal farm buildings with an architectural lock standing seam roof systems in
22 & 24-gauge thickness (available on request). Insulated panel systems are available for roof and walls in various colors, thicknesses and textures.

Qualified, experienced engineers are recommended to design your foundation and metal farm buildings. The three types available are monolithic, continuous footing, and pier. Let us know which type works best for you, or have our highly-trained engineers make sound recommendations.

USA energy-conscience insulation packages improve the efficiency, save on erection costs, enhance acoustics and improve the interior appearance of metal farm buildings. In environments where there is constant fluctuation in temperature and humidity, we will install the appropriate climate-controlled system for your metal farm buildings tolerance and building requirements.

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