26 Mar

We build metal garages to protect your investments.

We’re proud to say our organization has fulfilled clients’ requests for metal garages all over the world. Universal Steel of America has engineered all sorts of metal and steel structures, from places of worship, to schools and office structures. When our certified engineers design metal garages, you can rest assured the investment you park in your garage will be protected from harsh temperatures and elements. We stand behind our product, knowing our metal garages can withstand anything the weather and time brings their way.

We have earned our reputation by supplying the world with top of the line metal garages for years. With our metal garages, you can anticipate stability that withstands a wide range of climate conditions. We require fewer material prerequisites that minimize task time and expenses. Maintenance on our metal garages is extremely low and doable. Our metal garages only require occasional washes and the drains need to be cleaned to maintain the integrity of our metal garages.

Our metal garages are prepared to manufacture a cluster of structures, from distribution centers to stables to schools. These structures are fireproof and infestation proof. Once the land is prepared for the structure, experienced installers can erect up to 1,200 square foot metal garages in one single day. Repairs can be made easily by just about anyone with the right tools. Siding or material can be effectively unscrewed and replaced without damaging the rest of the structure. Our metal garages are packed efficiently for delivery, to minimize delivery costs.

When you buy metal garages from Universal Steel, quality and durability are always guaranteed. Each and every part is thoroughly investigated and tested for integrity before delivery is made. Our assembling process guarantees you receive a level of unparalleled quality that can’t be beat. From productivity to the best value for your investment, our metal garages can be customized to suit any desire. Let Universal Steel quickly turn your dream into reality. Call our offices toll free at 866-993-4660 for a consultation.

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