16 Aug

Metal Horse Barn

Whether you own a riding stable that’s open to the public or you have horses for you and your family, we’re sure you’ll appreciate the design and quality workmanship the team at Universal Steel puts into each and every metal horse barn we design. Whether you’re looking to build your own pole barn to store supplies or a riding stable for training, you’ll love the way we put our metal building kits together so that they’re easy to build on your own. We offer pre-engineered metal building kits to fit your needs.

We know that every horse owner wants as much riding space as they can possibly get in a covered structure, so we use steel with a high strength to weight ratio and engineer our steel barn kits so that you need fewer support beams. This gives you more riding space, which is ultimately what you’re after. By using fewer support beams, but still giving you plenty of support, you’ll have fewer obstructions in your metal horse barn when you’re teaching new riders who to maneuver their horses.

If you run a riding stable and you have events for your riders, we know you’ll want to have a steel barn for your stables and even some bleachers where family and friends can sit and watch their favorite riders. We’ve designed horse barns for many years, as well as riding arenas for many businesses. That means we have plenty of barn designs for you to choose from. You can either choose one of our ready-made horse barn designs, or you can start with one and alter it to your exact needs. Either way you’ll end up with the exact barn you want, at a price that will be great.

So when you’re ready to look at a metal horse barn design, give the team at Universal Steel a call at 770-449-6588 locally, or call us from anywhere in the United States toll free at 800-993-4660. We’ll help you create the perfect barn, riding arena or stable that fits your exact needs.

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