11 Feb

Murphys California Steel Building Kits

3 Reasons Why Murphys Should Go with Steel Building Kits

Steel building kits align with Murphys’ growing search for economical and practical solutions for structure growth. Here are three major points everyone in Murphys should know about steel building kits before making a final decision on their construction project.

Cost Saving Construction. The average building can take anywhere between several weeks and a few months to complete. When partnered with a reliable provider like Universal Steel of America, even a customized project will take less time. As a single source company for steel building kits, you’re not dependent on monitoring different vendors, contractors and subcontractors for completion. From design to the last nail, you get a streamlined process that uses less labor, equipment, costs and time.

Durability. When professionally installed, steel building kits promise a performance that stands up to Murphys’ worst conditions. That includes dangerous winds, heavy rain and natural disasters like earthquakes. As non-combustible materials, they are resistant to fire damage.

Energy Efficiency. This is one of the greatest advantages of steel building kits. Their frames can be insulated to far greater results than other materials. This means not just long term savings in heating and cooling costs. You are also ensuring maximized comfort for any occupants and better climate control for protecting property.

Universal Steel of America is prepared to show you all you need to know about the advantages of steel building kits. Give us a call today (800) 993-4660, speak with a tech and get a FREE estimate for completing your construction project with a steel building kit.