11 Feb

Murphys California Steel Buildings Provider

Universal Steel: Top Provider of Steel Buildings

Managing California’s stringent requirements for constructing buildings and expansion of current structures requires a skilled hand. You want to turn to a company that is going to supply exemplary design, energy efficiency, flexibility, and fast and affordable construction times. You want materials that will be long lasting and need little maintenance.

Universal Steel of America is a leading provider in state-of-the-art use, design, fabrication and installation of steel buildings that stand up to and surpass California’s exacting codes alongside meeting client expectations.

Steel buildings are as durable as it gets. They can withstand heavy rain, earthquakes, high winds and constant exposure to sun without the usual deterioration seen in other materials. Steel is also non-combustible, minimizing damage during fires, and can be finished to prevent rusting.

A vast part of a steel building’s flexibility is that it requires fewer to no interior columns, allowing for a more creative interior layout. This is excellent for buildings where there will be large or heavy pieces of equipment and lifts. With rolling, overhead and sliding doors, steel buildings are perfect for many situations, including aviation and agriculture.

Steel buildings reduce labor costs, save time in construction and are eco-friendly from build through occupancy. Pick up the phone and call (800) 993-4660, get a FREE estimate and take that first step toward discovering how steel buildings are an exceptional choice for your project. Whether putting up a warehouse or church to putting in a storage facility for cars or aircraft, Universal Steel is the provider of steel buildings that you need.