30 Jan

Murphys, Come Take Advantage of Steel Building Kits

Steel building kits are ideal for a community like Murphys.

We know. Universal Steel is a recognized leader in the design and construction of steel buildings. Our team of seasoned professionals are at the top of their craft and ready to provide services to Murphys for all its residential and commercial construction projects.

Universal Steel has steel buildings all over the world that attest to our reputation for offering an exemplary level of customer service. That’s because the customer will always come first. All our materials are put through the most stringent testing, making sure they meet not just safety standards, but match the exacting building codes for every project’s region. We produce affordable, energy efficient structures that will require minimal maintenance.

Universal Steel wants everyone in Murphys to know the advantages of steel building kits. Versatile as all get out, steel buildings can easily incorporate glass, brick, stone and other materials to create the customized look you want for your carport, aircraft hangar, gym, school or church. Under the right circumstances, if utilizing one of our kits, you can have your building up and ready to go in as little as an afternoon.

If you’re in Murphys and in the market for an environmentally sound, affordable option for your construction project, give Universal Steel of America a call (800) 993-4660 and get the 411 on our steel building kits. It’s a FREE consultation and estimate. One of our techs will walk you through the entire process, cultivating your ideas into designs that will exceed expectations.