27 Feb

North Dakota Environmentally Friendly Steel Building

Balancing North Dakota’s Growth with Environmentally Friendly Steel Buildings

Located in the Great Plains, North Dakota is bordered by Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana and the provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The state is flush with wondrous open spaces like Theodore Roosevelt National Park, the Sheyenne Valley slopes and Turtle Mountains. Often referred to as the center of North America, the state is subject to a continental climate resulting in humid summers and cold winters.

The state is protective of its beauty while equally proactive about its commercial and residential growth. They are determined to utilize environmentally friendly solutions in this regard. Fortunately, governing bodies have implemented a range of regulations, codes and protocols that fall in line with many of the benefits associated with steel buildings.

Universal Steel of America is a leader in the design of environmentally friendly steel buildings that align with North Dakota’s specifications. We have taken an active role in producing greener materials and using eco-sound processes in all our applications. We recognize the impact our actions have on health, natural environments, the economy and productivity. So we design and implement steel building construction that promise a high end environmental performance throughout and beyond the completed project.

We guarantee our environmentally friendly steel buildings will be LEED certified. We promise they will be engineered from durable materials that require minimized maintenance, ensuring stability that will preserve resources and manpower. Let Universal Steel of America show you how your construction project can come in quickly and under budget while maintaining North Dakota’s ecosystems. It’s a FREE consultation and estimate. Call Today (800) 993-4660

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