30 Dec

Low Maintenance Steel Barns

Anyone who has lived on a farm knows the importance of their barns. They’re used for everything from storing equipment to housing chickens or cows or horses. When it comes to building a new barn, most farmers realize that low...
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23 Dec

Durable Steel Building

When you’re looking for a durable steel building, look to Universal Steel for exceptional building plans and top quality metal buildings. Whether you need an extra storage shed for tools and lawn equipment or you need a huge building for...
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18 Nov

Top Quality Steel Building Kits

If you’ve been thinking about ordering a steel building and you’re looking to build it yourself, make sure you check out our top quality steel building kits. We know that there are a lot of companies that offer steel buildings,...
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4 Nov

Advantages of Metal Building Kits

If you’re considering buying a metal building, you need to know about all of the advantages of metal building kits. Whether you’re looking to build a new barn for the farm, a bank building, a church or school, an airplane...
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28 Oct

Aesthetically Pleasing Steel Buildings

If you’re like a lot of people, when you hear the words, steel building, you think of a cold structure that looks like the old tin garage your Grandpa had out on his farm where he kept his tractor and...
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