29 Jul

Pre-Engineered Metal Framing System

When cost is the main factor in purchasing a metal building, then a pre-engineered metal framing system might be just what you need. It’s less expensive than having a building constructed for you, yet it can be purchased in many different shapes to meet your individual needs. For example, you may have a need for a metal building with a single slope roof and variable depth rafters. You’d typically use a structure like that for free-standing retail units, shopping centers and fire stations. Starting with a pre-engineered building system from Universal Steel can save you time and money if you have a crew that’s experienced in building.

If you’re in need of a gymnasium, a riding arena, indoor soccer field or even metal agricultural grain storage, you might prefer to order a clear span tapered column kit. This type of pre-engineered metal framing system has a gabled ridge with variable depth columns and rafters. If you’re in need of more office space, a small commercial building, or a free standing retail store, you’d want to choose our clear span straight column framing system. If you’re looking for a large building that’s 10′ to 600′ wide and 20′ to 60′ high, we can manufacture a framing system for you with multiple span straight columns. Companies use these structures for steel manufacturing facilities, metal warehouses, distribution centers and all types of buildings where large square footage is necessary.

Whatever your need for a pre-engineered metal framing system, you can be sure that Universal Steel of America can design one that will comply with the building codes in your area. We use professional metal building designers and experienced engineers to manufacture the exact metal frame you need for your individual use. And if you don’t see a design on our website that fits your needs, please give Universal Steel a call at 800-993-4660 and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and give you a quote.


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