28 May

Prefab Metal Buildings Florida

The Great Benefits of Prefab Metal Buildings for Florida

When you choose to grow with one of Universal Steel of America’s prefab metal buildings, you’re aligning your vision with high end design and construction produced with sustainable design specific to Florida.

Irresponsible construction can have a negative impact on the environment, occupants, plants, wildlife and more. And Florida isn’t called the Sunshine State simply because of its year round weather. It’s known for its wondrous open spaces and clear skies, and often recommended as a great place to improve health. When building, you want a deft hand that takes the effects of construction on the surroundings into the equation. The process should go beyond the installation of the final nail. You want a metal building that remains sustainable over its life cycle.

A prefab metal building and the practices of Universal Steel of America are perfect here. When we put pen to paper at the beginning of a Florida project, we aim to design features that promise renewable energy and energy efficiency, that safeguard natural resources like water, that promise to conserve resources and materials, and to provide an indoor environment that protects property and occupants without burning up utilities.

We know you want prefab metal buildings ready for garages, churches, schools, gyms, stores and much, much more. You want high performance solutions that promise productivity and success but allow you to maintain everything that makes being in the Sunshine State great to begin with. And you want a trusted provider of these products. That’s Universal Steel.

Give us a call at 800-993-4660 and get a FREE quote for your project. Universal Steel of America is a leader in prefab metal buildings, having successfully applied them to everything from warehouses to office buildings, and from Alaska to Florida. We’ve maintained our reputation for providing superior metal building design, quality and engineering for 20 years and are committed to continue doing so.