27 Jun

Prefab Metal Buildings Georgia

Georgia’s Best Custom Prefab Metal Building Systems

To be Georgia’s leader in prefab metal buildings and construction, Universal Steel of America uses a sophisticated design that manages a simplified build. And we’re proud to say our processes have allowed us to develop business relationships throughout Georgia, the world and our industry.

One aspect of our reputation that we are really happy with is being a single source solution for prefab metal buildings. This gives every customer a place to turn to for all their questions and issues without ever having to worry about finger pointing. If you have a question about design, materials, the build, labor or how many nails or what type of tools you’re likely going to need, we will be able to provide the answer. Our team of construction managers know the business and about meeting customer needs, budgets and schedules, about Georgia’s local building and permit requirements, and why it’s important our customers stay on top of all phases of their projects.

Universal Steel designs for maximum operating efficiency, safety and to match both customer desire and needs. Our prefab metal buildings are developed from the finest raw materials, assuring sound structural framing and guaranteeing a quality return on your investment. Designs will be flexible, leaving room to incorporate a range of components and accessories that personalize the project. If you want to add glass, brick, mortar, stone, it can be easily done.

If you’re ready to build in Georgia, you need to call (800) 993-4660 and discover what makes the team at Universal Steel of America the one you can depend on for all your prefab metal building needs.

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