2 Mar

Prefab Metal Shop Building

Are you an auto mechanic who has a car repair business? Do you do auto body work as well as doing collision repairs? You can order a prefab metal shop building from Universal Steel and get the exact design that fits all of your needs.

Having a prefab metal shop building designed by our experienced staff could save you a lot of money while you’d get all the features you need. If you are the type of auto mechanic who needs a hoist to take out engines while you work on other parts of the vehicle, we can include the additional beams you’d need to support a hoist. If you need additional garage doors or garage doors that are extra tall, they can be put into the plan for you as well. Whatever you need in the way of a prefab metal shop can be included in the design we create for you.

One of the nicest features of our prefab metal buildings is that we design them from the first bolt to the last. And as we go along in the building process, we write detailed instructions so that no matter what level of building skill you have, the instructions will walk you through easily from beginning to end. That means you can get a bunch of friends together or call on your employees to help you put together your new building in no time.

And keep in mind that our prefab metal shop building plans are not just for auto body or repair shops. You could use our metal buildings for a dance studio, craft studio, or even a retail shop, depending on your needs. So whatever your needs, call on the staff at Universal Steel in Georgia at 770-449-6588 or toll free from anywhere in the country at 800-993-4660. We’ll design the exact metal building that fits your needs.


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