17 Feb

Prefab Religious Steel Buildings

If you are on the building committee at your church or synagogue and you’re in charge of choosing a design for a new church, school, fellowship hall or youth center, talk to the experts at Universal Steel before you make your final decision. We are experts when it comes to creating and designing prefab religious steel buildings for organizations of all types. Whether you need a simple building with very few windows or an elaborate temple with stained glass windows, we can create a steelbuilding kit that’s perfect for your needs.

One of the best things about working with Universal Steel is our understanding of how to put together prefab religious steel buildings from the first beam to the last bolt. You see, our metal building kits come with instructions that are so simple to follow you could get the church members together and build it without needing help from a general contractor or expert builder. All of the pieces are numbered and the drawing is easy to follow, so you can use the volunteer members of your organization and save thousands upon thousands of dollars in building costs.

If you’ve never dealt with steel buildings before, you need to know that they are structurally sound and designed to last for many years to come. The team at Universal Steel will be very careful to create your design so that it follows all of the building codes where your property is located. At the same time we’ll make sure we stay within your budget and give you the best prefab religious steel buildings you’ve ever seen. So give us a call at local at 770-449-6588 or toll free at 800-993-4660 and we’ll be happy to sit down with your committee and explain the entire process to you. We’ll help you get the exact building you want at a price you’ll love.


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