30 Mar

Prefab Steel Home

If you’re looking to build a new home, think about the possibilities you’d have with a prefab steel home. The stability of steel can make a big difference, especially if you live in an area where you’re prone to severe weather. Steel structures may sound like they’d be cold and not family friendly, but it all depends on the design you choose and the finishes you use to make it the home of your dreams. No matter what you do to make it cozy, you’ll always feel safe knowing your home will be built on a solid foundation.

If you live on the gulf coast where flooding and high winds are an issue, a prefab steel home would be perfect for you. Constructed with steel beams that can withstand high winds and damaging water makes your home sturdy and much more apt to survive in the type of weather coastal areas can serve up. And even though the framing may be steel, the interior and exterior can have the same look and feel of a traditional home. You can use the finishes you like both inside and out and end up with a home you’ll be proud to live in, one that will last a lifetime.

Some people build a prefab steel home because they’re energy conscious and want to build as green as possible. Because wood is becoming less available than in the past, more people are looking at steel as a new product for home building. Recycling steel gives everyone the opportunity to save the trees and use a product that is free from rot and mold and pest infestations. If you live in an area where termites are a problem, steel beams will solve that right away. And the strength of steel and the durability of it means you’ll have a foundation that will never need to be replaced. So call Universal Steel and talk to our experts about the design you want for your new home. You can reach us at 800-993-4660.


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