17 Jan

Prefabricated Steel Home

Does the thought of a home built of metal sound cold to you? What would you say if you could have a beautiful, custom prefabricated steel home, made of the finest steel in the country, that’s warm and inviting and cozy? Add to that the fact that these beautiful steel homes can be made to your exact specifications, with wood and glass and brick and stone and come in way below what your expected budget might be, and we may now have your attention.

The versatility of building a prefabricated steel home on your land, with your own hands, is not only appealing to many people these days, but with the growing cost of homes in this country a prefab home just makes more sense. We know that some people have a picture of a metal pole barn in their minds when they think of a home being created out of metal. But that’s really not the case at all these days. We can design a beautiful custom steel home for you that has vaulted ceilings, beautiful decks and any type of dramatic affects you want. And best of all, the cost of the materials and especially the manpower to build it can save you thousands of dollars over a conventional home built by a national building chain.

Now if you’re worried about your prefabricated steel home being energy efficient, there’s no need to worry. Our experienced steel building designers are environmentally conscious and well versed in the techniques that make a home as efficient as possible. When you work with our designers, you can choose all of the materials and all the colors for your new home and we’ll deliver a product you’ll be proud to call your custom home. So if you’re ready to save money and build a custom prefab home from steel that’s made in the USA, call Universal Steel at 800-993-4660 and we’ll put you in touch with our incredible metal home designers. Soon you’ll have a beautiful metal home you’ll be proud to call your own.

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