28 May

Price & Design Your Steel Building for Florida

Pricing & Design for Your Florida Steel Building

One of the advantages behind the design of a steel building in Florida is the low maintenance aspect. The return on your investment will be long lasting as upkeep is minimal and inexpensive.

Universal Steel of America works with your vision. Our design will be based not merely on whether you need a mall or recreational facility. We take factors like the surrounding and how to minimize disrupting it. Our engineers will cover all the design details and present a drawing for your review as quickly as possible, alongside a FREE quote as to what the project will cost. Drawings in hand, this will be your opportunity to change specifications, experimenting with door placement, window and room size, and more. The cost may change based on your decisions, but Universal Steel will always find the best ways to stay within your budget and vision.

The price of your steel building will be derived from the final drawing. It will be an all-inclusive quote that includes materials and shipping, labor, permits and any other costs associated with the build. And that build promises to be a process developed to get you up and running in an expeditious manner. Steel buildings are perfect for the process. Their construction has a significantly decreased production compared to traditional projects (unless you choose to incorporate traditional materials like glass and brick). This means the project will need less time, burn less energy, and require minimized use of equipment. Depending on the project, a steel building can often be built in an afternoon.

Price and design is one of the best reasons to have a steel building in Florida. Universal Steel of America is a leader in this field. Get started by having a talk with one of our techs. Call 800-993-4660 and get a FREE quote.