13 Feb

St. Augustine Florida Environmentally Friendly Steel Building

Environmentally Friendly Steel Buildings for St. Augustine

In today’s commercial marketplace, approaching your construction project with green intentions isn’t an option. Governments local, state and federal have all instituted their guidelines for everything from energy efficiency to the ways your project will affect the community. Even if an entrepreneur is completely ignorant of their responsibility in this regard, they will still be expected to execute and leave an environmentally friendly project in their wake.

Fortunately, Universal Steel of America has your back. Our environmentally friendly steel buildings are ideal for St. Augustine. We’ll tell you why.

  • Research has revealed a typical 2,000 square foot project requires somewhere in the vicinity of an acre of trees. For that same project, an environmentally friendly steel building will need only about a half dozen scrapped cars.
  • Universal Steel has stayed ahead of the curve in using materials generated through energy efficient means. That means processes that produce no carbon dioxide emission and uses recycled water.
  • Steel buildings are eco-friendly throughout the construction process. They can be built faster than typical projects, meaning less time in the field, fewer laborers and a significant reduction in running on-site machinery.
  • Thanks to its exemplary performance, our environmentally friendly steel buildings require fewer repairs and maintenance. That means less energy extended to manage its performance. That makes them ideal for both sustainability and cost effectiveness.

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