13 Feb

St. Augustine Florida pre-fab building

Universal Steel Offers St. Augustine the Best Pre-Fab Construction

The pre-fab buildings Universal Steel of America offers St. Augustine promise to be high quality and deficiency free. Creating a product from scratch, our team of professionals are involved from the very first step to the last. We design in a matter of days, not weeks or more. Our materials are engineered to exacting customer specifications and the production itself promises to be streamlined and hassle free. Thanks to the technology behind pre-fabricated construction, expect a building that’s up and running in a matter of days, not months.

Everyone from savvy homeowners to seasoned contractors are choosing Universal Steel for their pre-fab buildings. That’s because they are looking at the versatility and durability that comes alongside a trusted brand that has successfully completed pre-fab projects across the country and internationally. People are becoming aware that Universal Steel offers a premium service consisting of customized, economical solutions for everything from a wide body loading dock to expansion of a St. Augustine home.

Universal Steel is a leader in pre-fab buildings that supports and simplifies all our clients’ construction needs. We strive to be a single and direct source of quality design that results in warehouses, schools, synagogues, body shops, barns, stores and much, much more. Our portfolio features successful projects throughout Florida and as far away as Alaska. Go ahead and get a FREE estimate from Universal Steel of America and discover our pre-fab buildings and how they can benefit your construction project, improving your St. Augustine business or the décor‎ of your home. (800) 993-4660