7 Jan

Steel Building Kits Florida

Florida’s Best Steel Building Kits are at Universal Steel

Universal Steel is proud to say our services have satisfied customers the world over. We’ve created churches, schools, warehouses, garages and office buildings that can withstand anything the elements are going to throw at them.

We’ve been supplying Florida with high end steel building kits that have helped us build our reputation. We take into account the conditions the state’s business and home owners are going to have to face and create designs to that effect.

With our steel building kits, you can expect:

  • Durability that withstands all types of weather conditions.
  • Reduced material requirements that minimize project time and costs.
  • A simplified maintenance process. These kits only need the occasional wash and cleaned gutters.
  • Our kits are ready to build an array of structures, from warehouses to stables to schools, barns and office spaces.
  • These structures are fireproof and infestation proof.
  • If a slab is already in place, experienced installers can put up to a 1,200 square foot building in a single afternoon.
  • Repairs can be applied by even the most inexperienced hand. Siding or roofing can be easily unscrewed and replaced, or another piece can be screwed over a dent or tear.
  • These steel building kits are compact, minimizing shipping costs.

There are areas in Florida looking at winds of 140 mph. So our steel building kits promise factory assured quality and a long lasting performance. Every single component is rigorously inspected. We utilize a manufacturing process that assures we give you a level of unparalleled quality that cannot be matched. From operating efficiency to the best value for your dollar, our steel building kits can be tailored to any vision and are fast becoming the number one choice for today’s consumer looking to strengthen their presence.