29 Jan

Steel Building Kits Murphys California

Murphys, CA, and Steel Building Kits: A Perfect Fit

Located in Calaveras County, Murphys is a small community. Consisting of 10 square miles, over 95 percent of that open space, Murphys has Cali’s dry, hot summers and wet winters. Its the perfect place for eco-friendly steel building kits.

Whether for business or residence, steel building kits are environmentally sound options for expanding the community while minimizing its footprint. These materials are engineered from recycled materials, such as junked automobiles. For every kit utilized, acres of trees are saved.

The eco-conscious will appreciate the fact that steel building kits require less man power and resources. They can be put up in a fraction of the time of typical construction projects. This means less energy burned and lower costs for the overall installation.

Universal Steel of America has been promoting steel building kits and engineering steel building projects all over the globe. They are equally fit for warehouses, fitness centers and school buildings. Steel buildings have met challenges in climates as diverse as Alaska and Silicone Valley. They have survived the extreme heat of the desert, withstood freezing tundras and held their own against the ravages of salt mines.

If you’re in Murphys and need a carport or a church, we have the sizes, styles and configurations to create appealing, cost effective and efficient structures that will stand the test of time. We’re confident these kits are perfect for Murphys. Give us a call (800) 993-4660 and get a FREE estimate. See how quickly we can create custom designs and complete your project swiftly.